Friday, April 1, 2011

No word yet...

We are still waiting for our papers to come back from the Secretary of the State's office.  Ok, ok, I know that I just sent them in on Monday and they need some time to get them looked at, verified and signed, I guess I'm just a bit impatient.  I so want everything to be in Vlad and translated. 
Congrats to the Overstreets who passed court and get to have their baby B with them for the 10 day wait!! Yay!
To occupy our waiting time, we are gearing up for a wedding.  Jeff's nephew is getting married to a wonderful and beautiful girl.  The wedding is the 16th of April and we are all looking forward to it. Leslie, Jeremy's fiance, is a ball of fun!  She loves life and is really making this wedding hers, she wants everyone to have a good time and is combining the traditional with lots of humor and smiles.  She asked me to do her bridal flowers and to coordinate the wedding.  I was honored, I truly love doing this and it is always so special to be able to do it for people you love. :-)
The wedding will be in the evening right on the lake in Oklahoma.  It's only about 40 minutes from us here in Texas.  I'll have to post some pictures. :-)

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  1. Always so thankful that we live near of Sec. of State. I was a fixture in that office. The apostille lady knew me.