Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm NOT going to cry...

I got our apostilled papers back on Monday (way to go Secretary of the State's office, only a week and I've got them back), so I send an email to Anna, at our agency and ask her a few questions and one of them was, what do you want me to do with these papers...? Send them to you?  Someone else?  ?

I get no reply so today I send her another note and she responds to a couple of questions but not the one on paperwork.  Maybe this should have been my clue to only send her one question at a time...?  So I ask again, Do you need me to send these to you or somewhere else? 

My mother in law came in and I went with her to the store.  When I got back I had an email from Anna saying to email her "within 20 minutes" she was leaving the office and needed me to get that paperwork to her asap  so that another couple can get them and take them to Vlad!", this other couple leaves on the 7th. 
Well guess what!?  I didn't get the email in time.  Gah!  Why not call me when she needed something asap??? 
I realize that I should have just tried to call her in the first place but she has been so good with email and getting back with me.  So, now what?? Maybe I'll find out in the morning.
Okay, I"m really not going to cry...


  1. Are you with Adoption Ark? Anna was our coordinator and I had the same problems. Hopefully the magic of FedEx can get the papers to the family in time.

  2. Yes, We are with Adoption Ark. I just don't understand why she wouldn't call if she knew that I only had 20 minutes. :-(
    I'm waiting to hear what they want me to do now because I missed the Fed Ex outgoing mail yesterday.