Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's A Small World

Well according to Fed-Ex, my papers had been received by the 8:30 delivery time April 7th.  I sent a note to our Agency (to double or triple check), and asked if they had heard word from the receiving family on that.  "Nothing yet", was the reply. 
An hour later I have an email from a woman with whom I had been communicating a few weeks ago.  She will also be traveling to Vlad with her husband, she knew through our agency that Jeff and I would be going there as well. Our beginning conversations weeks ago were mostly that she hoped that we would be there at the same time, some company in our journey which would have been nice since we are both totally unsure of how things will go when we get there. :-) Well, she and her husband had already submitted their dossier, mine was almost complete.  So we gathered that they are a bit ahead of us as I told her that I was still waiting on a couple of documents, but wished her luck. 
So then I receive this email from her which said, "Vicki, I do not think that there are two Frankland families adopting using this same agency, So I'm pretty sure that I have the right one! I received your papers today.  Are these the ones you mentioned that you were waiting on?"  !
What a small world.  She and her husband were the one asked to carry our papers over and give them to the coordinator, Irina, for the final translation!  I was relieved to hear that our papers had been received and more so to know that I had been conversing with the family delivering them. It's almost like a friend is taking them for us. 
It gave me some comfort which doesn't come very often during the paperwork phase...
Thanks Lord.


  1. Same thing happened to us, it's a relatively small world we have gotten ourselves into, and it's nice. The outside world just can't understand how precious those connections are. Plus someone carrying your papers saves you time and $200!

  2. So true Trisha, So true! :-) And being anxious never ends does it? Now I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear if they will accept all of our documents...

  3. Hi There,
    I found your blog through another. We used AA as well and Have gotten to know Irina in Vlad well. We returned home with our kids from Vlad in November. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions.

  4. Thanks Corinne!
    I'd love to know how you rate your experience with Adoption Ark. Would you use them again?
    Irina must be great to work with, so many people have good things to say about her. :-)
    My email address is