Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Quick Send Off

After our miscommunication yesterday I wondered if my papers would make it to Vladivostok in the next week.  I told God I was heart-sick.  I couldn't believe that after all that rushing I wasn't going to get the papers in after all.

As I walked around, trying not to sulk, Anna, from our agency called me (yes, she did call), and apologized for not calling me to give the heads up and to get my paperwork to her asap.
Anna also told me that I could send my papers directly to a family who would be leaving for Vladivostok. They leave tomorrow afternoon, ... so if I could send them priority overnight???   
Well, of course I can send them overnight! :-)   So I got everything ready and popped them right into the Fed-Ex box. Over nighting them I am! 
Thank you Jesus for this blessing.

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