Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is It For Real?

We have our updated home study in!!   For anyone who has adopted you know what a huge blessing this is.  What it means for us is that we have all of our dossier completed for "Trip 1". I will be sending the dossier off to be apostilled and when it comes back I will send it on to our agency and they will send it to Russia.
In Russia, you must travel twice, at least that is how it with our agency.  Trip 1 is where we will meet our little girl for the first time.  We will get an opportunity to interact with her and play.  Then we will be asked if we will accept her as a referral.  If we say yes then we sign paperwork and file it with the court system and come home.  This I am told is when the hard part begins.  The wait after you have given your heart away. After you have let yourself say, "yes, she is my daughter."
I'm trying not to think about that part and only focus on this first trip.  I want to be ready to go when they send us an invitation to travel.  I'm anxiously excited. :-)

Maybe this is for real... I'm afraid to believe it.  I want to believe it though. 
Our happy face looks like this...

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