Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well, It seems that it is quite easy to end up on a Russian blacklist.  Our social worker has had her home study agency name recently put there.  :-(   An adoption agency she contracted for, (who will remain nameless), did not fulfill their obligation to send in post placement paperwork in a timely manner resulting in, yes, you guessed it. Blacklisted. So, even though she had done her part and turned it in to that adoption agency on time the hammer, it seems, crashes down catching everyone in it's path.  Guilty by association.  Now this adoption agency is out of business and our social worker has had to make new copies of her post placement paperwork, have it translated, and send on to Russia in hopes of having her own home study agency name removed from the blacklist by the time the new one comes out in 4 months. 
In the meantime we have had to have our home study rewritten by a different home study agency.  I hope that they get the work done and back to us quickly.
Sound confusing?  Well, you get used to it. :-)

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