Saturday, February 19, 2011

No news is good news?

I prefer to think of it as just well,  "no news".   
We are waiting once again.
 When someone begins the process of adoption I think they should be told,  "Be prepared to work and wait... then work and wait... then work and ...yes, wait again.  I shouldn't complain much though, our caseworker, Alla, said that the Ukraine has decided to allow us to send a sort of pre-adoption letter.  An appeal letter if you will.  In it we must state if we are looking for a boy or a girl, preferred age, and list specifically what special needs we feel capable of caring for.  I am very grateful for this and when I ask myself why?  I answer, because it is giving me something to do! :-)   I wrote the letter and sent it to Alla to proof read. She approved and I off to Austin for apostiling.  It came back stamped and ready on Friday but Alla wasn't in to give me the specific address she wanted me to send it to... Adoption Ark is based in St. Louis and has offices in California as well.  So I blasted home from our co-op class yesterday and searched my email greedily for an answering address. Within a minute and a half I had a label printed and taped to the envelope, grabbed Jeremiah and headed to our nearest Fed-Ex drop off point.   Jeremiah placed it in the capable hands of someone who assured him the package would get sent off and there you have it.  My letter appealing to the country of Ukraine to help us find our daughter has been sent to Alla in California for her to proof and send to someone I have never met and probably will never meet.  Someone who I pray God will grant me favor with and who will have mercy on us and begin to search their data base to find her.  I'd like to hear back from someone well... next week. *Big sigh*...did I mention that at the moment I am struggling with patience?
Jeff always says "labor equals value", I value her even now.   I know that God is with us. I know that He is with her.

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