Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Back!

Our papers are back!   The Texas Secretary of the State's office doesn't waste time.  For anything that has to be apostilled, once you send it out to them they just do it and get it right back to you.   I'm very thankful for that.

Well, now that our papers are back and I have made my copies, I will go to the bank this afternoon, That is if I get out of our Enrichment classes early enough.  If not, then I'll go tomorrow morning and get the "trip 1 dossier prep fee" and get that along with the original plus 2 exact copies of our dossier sent in.

Once our agency gets this check and our paperwork they will look it over to be sure everything is there and then they will have it translated and sent to Russia.   :-)

Once Russia gets it we wait for our letter inviting us to come over and meet our "referral"... I'm praying that everything they need is there and it will go smoothly but quickly.


  1. Vicki,
    Thanks for sharing your adoption journey. It is a long, difficult process that doesn't end once you bring your child home. God is faithful to strengthen you for all that lies ahead as you step forward in faith. I will earnestly pray for you.

  2. Thanks for checking out our blog. Other great Russian adoption blogs can be found at (sorry if you already knew that) I don't think the site is kept up anymore so the blogs are not in their proper locations, but still some great stories there.